Saturday, 23 August 2014

Schwarzkopf got2b beach matt salt spray

I got this because I wanted the mermaid looking hair! Who doesn't? There was a few sea salt sprays to choose from and I wasnt too sure which one to pick but I chose this one as I see it advertised a lot and it was on offer. Plus the colours got me ;) You can get this is Boots for about £4.07 the 7p is a bit random!

This is meant to give you 'beach waves-mermaid style' and provide your hair with texture and a tousled finish without the crunch. You spray this on to dry or towel dry hair then scrunch or blow dry. I have tried this on both dry and towel dry hair and prefer the look it gives once I have applied it to towel dried hair.

 I was expecting great results from this but to be honest its just ok to me, I cant say it wows me. I have fairly long hair which is also thick and I think thats why I dont quite get the waves I want from this. The other downfall I am not keen on is that it does tangle my hair and hurts when I brush out even when using a tangle teezer!

It doesnt leave a crunch which is good and the little bit of look I can get from the spray does stay all day. All in all I probably wouldnt purchase this again but only because I dont think its suited towards my hair.

Have you tried any good seal salt sprays?


Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Etsy- The Violet Stars

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Can I just note the trouble I have had trying to get this post up lol!

First things first my original post was going to be how to make whole wheat pancakes but the recipe I used wasn’t very nice so I wasn’t going to share that!

So instead I thought I would let everyone know that my sister is currently making and selling jewellery/cushions etc on etsy! Here is the link to check some of her items out TheVioletStars.  There  will be more items going up soon and im afraid at the moment she does only post  to the UK.