Thursday, 30 June 2016

*Dîner En Blanc Style Inspiration

Hi guys!

Today's post is all about if I was invited to a Diner En Blanc party, what would I and my date wear? If any of you guys need inspiration for similar events then keep reading!

A Diner En Blanc party is similar to P. Diddy’s Annual White Party, this exclusive meet-up is all about dressing in your best formal white attire and enjoying a nice dinner. 

First off lets get started on what would I like my date to wear.. I think a nice * White Jacket Tuxedo from TheBlackTux would look great for a Diner En Blanc party!  Check out their entire collection here for tuxedos and suits for any occasion.

For me I would go for a  nice white dress, here are a few that I like from short to floor length!

What would you choose to wear to a Diner En Blanc party?