Friday, 29 November 2013

Matrix and Colour Restore Hair Toner for Blonde hair

A couple of months ago I had my hair dip dyed/ombred whatever you like to call it, blonde. The problem with going blonde is that it can give you orangey/brassy tones and so a blue/silver toner is needed (the blue/silver toner is for blonde hair, not other coloured hair) to cancel these out and also keep the blonde bright.

Colour Wheel - Shows what colours correct each other

I bought a toner from my hairdressers which is the Matrix total results shampoo in Silver and I also previously bought the Colour Restore in Iced Platnium conditioner.

You dont need to use the toners every time you wash your hair just once or twice a week will do. I dont use both at the same time either, though you can but I will just use one or the other.

They both are a Blue colour and you just apply like normal and wait for 3 minutes or so,or you can leave it up to 20 minutes for better results and then rinse out. It does advise to do an allergy test before using these 48 hours before and to wear gloves (though I dont because I am a rebel ;) lol ).

I really love the Matrix total results shampoo and this is the one I prefer out of the two. There isnt anything wrong with the Colour Restore but I prefer to use a conditioning treatment on my hair that repairs it so it goes nice and soft!

I find the Matrix shampoo smells like pumpkin, a pumpkin which has been carved! Though it could just be me and thats not the smell it leaves on your hair! lol. The Colour Restore just smells kind of like Garnier hair dye with the no amonia lol which is fruity.

I have seen results by using the shampoo and conditioner and my hair doesnt really have much brassiness to it now and the blonde is keeping really well! I paid £11.00 for the Matrix (you can also buy this online) and thats for a 300ml bottle which for a toner is pretty good. I paid £10.00 for the conditioner which isnt too bad either and this can be found at Boots.


Thursday, 21 November 2013

Apivita Lip Balm with Honey

I dont where I have been living but until I got sent this in my package from *Farmaline, I had never heard of Apivita before. 

Apivita are the first natural cosmetics company in Greece. Apivita means the life of the bee. The products of the bee is a source of inspiration for the company.

My first thoughts on this was I didn't actually like it, I didn't like the smell of the honey and I found myself really pushing it on to get some product lol. I think I also didn't like the thought that it wasn't my Vaseline lip balm. 

Well I was stupid to think that because now I absolutely love this! I love the smell of the honey now and I think I found it hard to apply at first because it was new. I use this all the time throughout the day and I cant get enough of it and it has replaced my Vaseline balm.

This is also 100% natural ingredients which is great! I also love the packaging of this and that the balm is at an angle shaped for the lips.

Taken from the website:

  • Restores cracked lips with vitamin A, a- bisabolol and avocado oil
  • Moisturizes and softens lips with honey, olive oil, beeswax, cocoa butter, shea butter, avocado oil, castor oil and jojoba esters
  • Vitamin D and orange essential oil protect from environmental toxins and prevent irritations
  • Ideal for dry and cracked lips
Free of: Parabens, Silicones, Propylene Glycol and Mineral Oil.

These are around £5.00 which to me is pretty pricey for a lip balm but it is really good and natural!

Have you tried any Apivita products before?


Sunday, 17 November 2013

The Sunshine Award- Christmas!

I have been tagged in The Sunshine Award by the lovely Justina  who has an amazing blog and is so sweet! I had to do this again because the questions she has asked are all Christmas related and well Christmas!!


-Are you an early shopper or wait until last minute to buy gifts?
I always want to shop early but I never do but I wouldnt say I leave it right to the last minute.

-What item is on the top of your Christmas wish list?
Apple Mac book Pro lol but I know I wont be getting it :( Boo

-Do you like your Christmas trees tall & fat or tall and skinny?
Tall and fat but not too fat but not too skinny. It has to be just right lol.

-What is your favorite part of the holidays?
Nice and soppy but when the family comes and visits :) 

-Do you travel or stay home for the holidays?

-Can you been seen from space with all of your outdoor decorations or do you keep it low key?
low key lol! But I love going round and seeing all the houses that have decorations seen from space!

-If you have pets, do you buy them Christmas gifts as well?
Of course! I think they would be sad if we didnt. They know too!

-What colors do you use on your Christmas tree? (example: mine are red, green, and silver)
I think it changes each year lol but I know we have red and silver on it always.

-When will you be putting up your Christmas tree?

-What is your favorite Christmas movie?
I cant choose so im going to have to name a few, muppets christmas carol!, Elf!, The grinch!

-Does your family have Christmas traditions? If so, what is it?

I tag anyone that wants to do this with the same questions as its coming up to Christmas!


Friday, 15 November 2013

Sleek Pink Sprint 366 Blush Palette

L-R Pink Parfait, Pink Ice, Pinktini

The other day I went shopping and spent lots and lots of money even though I have been trying to save it. I always find that if I stop myself from spending I just end up having one massive splurge at some point!

I was in Superdrug and was on the search for a new blusher/s as I have been wanting to get some new blushes for ages because I only use pretty much one, which is the No7 in Coral Flush .I do love my No7 but I wanted something new and different.

I bought the sleek palette because you get 3 different blushes all for £9.99 and I love the colours and shades they do. I though the Pink Sprint was a good choice for Autumn/Winter. These are all matte in this palette.

With my No7 blush I find I do have to layer to get a nice colour, so when I first used this I did not realise how pigmented it was and made myself look crazy! I was thankful for my Rimmel Powder that day!

You only need a little of this because its so pigmented and I love love love the colours and how well they look on the skin! Sleek has now made me want to get some of the other blusher palettes because I am so in love with this one lol! They last really well too and blend well.

This was a great purchase and the packaging is also fab!

Thumbs up for Sleek lol! What Sleek products have you tried?


I spilt my coffee everywhere!!! Aaaaaah.

My font has also gone small and Im not technical enough to figure out how to get it back to normal! Sorry to those who have to squint!

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Simple Soothing Facial Toner

First of all I would just like to apologize for the lack of posting from me lately. I'm really struggling to find time at the moment!

I have lots of different toners and cleansers but one I really like is the Simple soothing facial toner.  I have sensitive skin and problematic skin! And this doesn't seem to make my skin worse like one of my toners does and I think it makes it slightly better ....maybe.. or I just like to think that but its definitely not making it worse!

It has 3 simple goodness as Simple puts it which are:

'1 Vital Vitamin Pro Vitamin B5 restores, softens and smoothes.
2. Skin loving nutrients - Chamomile gently softens and sooths
                                      Witch hazel helps tones and tightens pores
                                       Allantoin softens and protects
3. No perfume, No colour no unnecessary or harsh chemicals.'

It comes in a 200ml bottle and is only £2.99! Bargain Baby! All I do is apply an amount to cotton wool and apply on the skin in the morning and at night. It also doesn't contain alcohol which I love!

This doesn't upset my skin and does leave it feeling nice and smooth and this is a nice facial toner. I am actually nearly empty with this bottle which is a rare thing for me with beauty products! I had never tried simple products before, my sister had their eye corrector pen which she likes so I did expect good things from this  and good things it was lol :)


Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Lush Wish List

I have this really big unhealthy obsession with Lush recently. There is just so much stuff I would love to get and here are just 6 of them! Which was hard to choose so I just mainly stuck with their Christmas items!

1.  Fairy Tale  I just think these look so pretty! It was inspired by the sugar mice you used to get in sweet shops. It is strawberry and coconut milk with white chocolate ears!

2.  Magic Wand  I can be a fairy with this lol! This is reusable and gives mounds of sweet smelling foam. This is a solid version of Lush's snow fairy shower gel.

3.   Luxury Lush Pud What an amazing looking bath bomb! Lavender fragrance and this is meant to be perfect for relaxing!

4. Melting Snowman  This is a bath melt and it just looks too good! His legacy is 'to give you great skin' lol!

5.  Grease Lightening  This is a product Lush do all the time but I really want to try it. It has all natural ingredients which attack the spot and not the rest of your skin! 'Strikes the spot with lightening precision'!

6. Pumkin  Ok so this is actually part of their Halloween products but its so cute! It leaves you feeling uplifted and refreshed and the bath water will turn an orange colour!

I got really excited making this lol! I also just like to say how good do Lush products look to eat, not that I would advise it lol.