Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Lush goodies

Recently it was my birthday and one of my gifts from my sister was these Lush products. I am really obsessed at the moment with Lush and I loved all the Christmas bath bombs and so I was excited to try these!

Here I have from left to right the Honey Bee bath bomb, Ickle Baby Bot, Twilight, Space Girl and Blackberry bath bomb.

I have used all of these except the Ickle Baby Bot and have loved all of them. I was really excited to try the Space Girl one as I think it looks amazing! Look at all that glitter!

This contains Honey, Aloe Vera and Rhassoul Mud. The honey soothes, retains moisture and is antiseptic and the Aloe Vera cools. The Rhassoul Mud cleanses and helps conditions the skin. This is £3.35. This turns the bath a lovely bright yellow colour, my skin felt really soft after using this.

This is actually for children but look how cute it is! I had to get it. It contains Lavender and this is meant to be really gentle that babies over 6 months can use it! This is a relaxing bath bomb that helps to calm and is £1.95. I haven't used this yet but it looks good!

This bath bomb smelt amazing! Reminded me of sweets.  This again has been designed to help you sleep (not that I need any help there!)  This turns the bath a dark purple colour and this is my favourite bath bomb out of all of them, £3.35

 I got this one because it's in the shape of a planet! So cool! Plus glitter!! This contains popping candy and has grapefruit oil in which helps to tone the skin. It also has Bergamot to help you feel relaxed and cheerful. £2.35

Once this bath bomb has finished fizzing it has a nice surprise in the middle! It contains Bergamot which is used in aromatherapy for anxiety, depression and to relieve tension. £3.25.

All these bath bombs are amazing and give the bath an amazing colour! My favourite was definitely Twilight. I can't wait to try the Valetine bath bombs!



Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Ted Baker Lipstick Trio

Hi everyone, I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year! 

One of the presents I got from my sister was this Ted Baker Lipstick Trio. I love lip products and I always have to have something on my lips before I go out and this set has 3 perfect shades of Nude, Peach and Red.

These Lipsticks are nice and creamy and go on very easily. The only fault with these that I found are that they don't have the longest staying power.

My favourite shade out of the three is the Nude shade. This shade goes with everything and gives a subtle bit of colour to the lips.

Then there is the Peach shade which is a bit similar to the Nude but more pink.

Finally we have the Red shade and I don't own any Red like this colour which is a nice change!

I really like this little set which is from Boots (I can't find it on the site anymore as it was a Christmas product). Great shades and it comes in a nice tin which is great to keep bits and bobs in or take away when you travel.

What did you get for Christmas?