Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Ariane Poole Cosmetics Website Relaunch

*Ariane Poole Cosmetics have relaunched their website at http://arianepoole.co.uk . Ariane Poole is an international make up artist with over 25 years experience. Ariane has worked with many celebs, models and royalty! Her philosophy on make up is that 'you should notice the woman not the make-up' - I love this. These cosmetics have been created to be quick and easy to use and fashionable. The Concealer Palette has been voted best product by She magazine and Ariane Poole Cosmetics were the first to launch a liquid mineral tint foundation in 2004.

There are many exciting things happening with Ariane Poole Cosmetics at the moment such as they are rebranding and repackaging products, Crystal Taupe is coming back and they are launching Christmas packages which at the moment, a free make up bag comes with the Christmas packages over £50.00.

I had a visit on the website which is very easy to use and navigate. There is a page which talks about the brand and also Ariane's Story. I love that her story is on the website as I love reading people's stories to how they have made it where they are today. There is an ask Ariane coming soon and you can book classes too. All the products look great and there are some really nice gorgeous colours. By visiting the website it's made me want to buy and try everything!

Take a look at Ariane Poole Cosmetics and at the moment there is free shipping! Yay!  Also one more thing is that shortly they will be  announcing a Free entry Selfie promotion with a £250 worth of Ariane Poole* makeup. All the lucky winner will have to do is share their promotion link on Facebook and upload a Selfie (later this week).



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