Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Ted Baker Lipstick Trio

Hi everyone, I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year! 

One of the presents I got from my sister was this Ted Baker Lipstick Trio. I love lip products and I always have to have something on my lips before I go out and this set has 3 perfect shades of Nude, Peach and Red.

These Lipsticks are nice and creamy and go on very easily. The only fault with these that I found are that they don't have the longest staying power.

My favourite shade out of the three is the Nude shade. This shade goes with everything and gives a subtle bit of colour to the lips.

Then there is the Peach shade which is a bit similar to the Nude but more pink.

Finally we have the Red shade and I don't own any Red like this colour which is a nice change!

I really like this little set which is from Boots (I can't find it on the site anymore as it was a Christmas product). Great shades and it comes in a nice tin which is great to keep bits and bobs in or take away when you travel.

What did you get for Christmas?



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