Friday, 10 April 2015

Palmer's Natural Bronze Body Lotion Gradual Tanner

The other day I was speaking to my friend about which self tanner she uses as she always has a nice glow to her. She told me she uses Palmer's Natural Bronze as it's only £5.00 which is really cheap for a self tanner  and the ones I usually go for are at least £20.00.  So from seeing it on her I thought I would give it a go and see if I can save myself some pennies!

The Palmer's Natural Bronze is a cocoa butter formula and this is for all skin tones. As stated it has cocoa butter and vitamin E in and is a moisturising lotion to keep skin beautiful and healthy.
 The directions are to apply evenly once daily or as often as necessary to achieve the desired look and then to wash hands after use.

First of I have to say I hate the smell of this! It does have that strong biscuity smell and it does linger but it also has a cocoa smell mixed in and to be honest the smell does make me feel sick but I have grown more used to it and once you get passed the smell it isn't all that bad.

I decided to test this on my legs first (not very neatly may I add as you can see in the pic lol) in case it all went wrong and I am so glad I did as I made a big mistake! I ended up applying 3 layers to my legs because I assumed the colour was kind of instant whereas I find this colour deepens as the hours pass. My legs ended up turning bright orange as seen below!!!

After seeing this I was so scared to try it again but I though I would risk it and just apply one layer to my face, neck and arms and it turned out so much better and is a nice golden glow, thank god! You do have to make sure you apply this well and even as you can't see where you have applied it. A photo of my arm is below.

I do have mixed feelings on this product and it is growing on me more but I don't think it will ever beat He - Shi tan as I love the colour it gives me plus you can see where it goes when applying and it doesn't smell. You can check my post here He-Shi Post.


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