Friday 23 September 2016

*The Perfect Clothing Collection of 2016 for men - GUEST POST - J MARIE CLOTHING*

The Perfect Clothing Collection of 2016 for men

"A well-tied tie is the first serious step in life."
—Oscar Wilde, Poet

Over 150 years ago Oscar Wilde, a world renowned poet, novelist and Irish play right spoke of the impact looking well can have on our daily lives, and no I am not going to expect you to remember any of his famous poetry that we all learned is school!!
You need to look your best if you are to perform to your best. As part of this article we have collaborated with some of Ireland’s most well renowned fashionistas to find the perfect clothing collection of 2016 for men.
Several different styles were all considered to determine the clothing combination of the week. Between the renowned fashion experts, there are over 50 years of combined experience in the men’s fashion space and navy blue suits were found to be the best.

Suit Jacket and trousers

This navy blue suit  was designed by J Marie Clothing and is available for €100 on their website. Its perfect simplicity and affordability ensured its inclusion in our perfect clothing collection of 2016 for men.

I know what you are thinking. Brown or black? The obvious answer is black, for me the single exception to wearing black shoes is with navy clothes. Don’t make the schoolboy error of wearing black and navy!To match the J Marie suit, we have teamed up with River Island. These Tan smart contrast heel shoes are available for €45 on the river island website.

For shirts it is always best, in my opinion to stick to a white shirt. It has the cleanest, most professional look and you can never go wrong with a white shirt. For the more adventurous among us you could opt for light blue or a patterned design.
This design was from next online and is available for only €30.

When the navy blue suit is worn with a white suit, the options are endless. The tie bar have included a large range of ties, all of which are perfectly suited (pun intended!) to the navy blue. For this style we however have selected the Grosgrain solid 2.5in men’s tie which costs a mere €15 with can be bought from the tie bars website .

Other accessories
There are numerous other accessories which can be added to the design but as a multi-purpose clothing collection it is very difficult to look beyond the outfit that we have described above. Bow ties, socks, top hats, pocket squares and tie bars will all be discussed in future posts.
All of the products which are described in this article are available for order online and can be shipped to Ireland and the UK. You can get fully dressed for less than €200 for your big occasion, so if you have any style or fashion questions don’t be afraid to ask our team. Clothes can help define who we are, what we do and what we aspire to be. So please my friends, think before you dress.
Watch this space for future clothing and dress guides.

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