Thursday 13 February 2014

Max Factor Excess Volume Mascara

£9.99 from Boots I bought this hoping it would be as good as their false lash effect which I use daily. This however was disappointing and should be renamed 'The Clumpinator' or something along those lines. Whenever I see or hear about this now all I think of is clumps and that's really only what it is good at doing.

From the Boots website:

'Excess Volume Intensified
Volumising base for excessively thick lashes
Intensifying lacquer for a polished jet black finish
Seals in volume for all-day impact
Easily removed with an oil-based remover
Ophthalmologically tested
Intensify your eye look with the Excess Intensity Longwear eyeliners '

This mascara has two ends 1 and 2,  number 1 is for extreme volume and 2 is the dark lacquer. Its quite a chunky mascara stick. What bothers me is that once you have unscrewed one end of the mascara wand the wand is attached to the middle part and so I find I am constantly having to switch it around in my hands to apply and  for me personally I would prefer the wand to be on the ends that come off.
 I have to agree it does give me good volume I wouldnt say it was excess volume though and once applied the mascara clumps and looks horrible. It also feels quite heavy on the eyes and I see it all the time! 
This does stay on forever which is good but also bad when trying to remove without an oil based remover as it takes a lot of effort! 
To me this mascara is like a cheap mascara you use to get in kids magazines!

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