Saturday, 20 December 2014

Moroccan Oil

I have found a gem of a product here. A few years ago back in 2010/11 whilst I was studying hairdressing I went to Salon International in London.  Moroccan Oil was there and they gave out a goodie bag with a sample size of this. At the time I just put it to one side and never got round to trying it until recently (It wasn't out of date surprisingly and had a long expiration date.)

I have been missing out big time here! I wish I had used it sooner and as soon as I finished it I had to buy the full size product.

Moroccan Oil is 'A unique formula rich in antioxidant argan oil that instantly absorbs into hair to immediately enhance manageability, shine and deliver long term conditioning without leaving residue.' It also 'de tangles and 'speeds up drying'. It is alcohol free.

What made me decide to use this was that the ends of my hair still go quite dry and frizzy from the time I ombre'd it, so I wanted to put something on it to help and this was all I had really.

To use you only need a small amount, a little does go a long way, my miniature bottle lasted me ages and so this big one is going to last me forever too. Then apply it to damp or dry hair.

I apply this to my hair when its damp and it has improved my hair so much! It doesn't frizz when I use this, the condition just feels amazingly better and now if I don't use it I can tell the difference.  My hair is a lot softer and feels stronger. It doesn't make your hair greasy and absorbs so well. I can't really say I have noticed my hair speed up in drying but my hair is so thick that it will always take a long time. It does help with tangles too.

I bought this from Zest Beauty for £31.85 , I know this sounds expensive for a hair product but for all that it does plus how long it lasts, it really is worth it. I do recommend to give this a try!


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