Tuesday, 22 September 2015

*Achieve that Healthy Glow All Year Round

*Photos are not my own and found via Google

Do you want to achieve a healthy glow all year round?  If that is a yes then carry on reading for my tips!

 There are some fun and healthy conversations happening over at *Aloha!
 *Aloha aims to make health 'simple, fun and accessible'. They care about the Quality of products, Simplicity, Honesty and Design. and they help provide nutritional support to maintain that already healthy lifestyle.

So how do I keep a healthy glow? Well here are 6 things that help me!

1.  Foundation - I think using a foundation that gives a glow like the Rimmel Wake me Up is a must. This is one of my favourites and it has a nice coverage with a glow but doesn't make you look oily.

2. Fake tan is definite for me to achieve a glow, it makes me look so much healthier and I feel a lot more confident with tan on. At the moment the Rimmel one is my favourite as its easy to apply, smells great! It has a florally scent and is also cheap too at £7.99! I also like He Shi and Bondi Sands.

3. Water - I drink over 2L a day and I find if I don't drink it then my skin looks very dull.

4. Sleep - I am a big lover of sleep! Waking up from a good night sleep and feeling refreshed makes me very happy :).

5. Clean Make up Brushes - I don't like using dirty brushes, the thought of the bacteria on them grosses me out and I don't want put that all over my face and get spots if I can avoid it! So I like to regularly clean my brushes/sponges and it always feels nice on the skin.

6. Finally eating well such as fruit/veg and nuts - I like to drink smoothies, eat lots of veg and snack on nuts. Checking out the healthy recipes on *Aloha has made me want to try so many such as their Flourless Almond Butter Fudge bars and their Protein Berry Mojito Smoothie !

Let me know how you achieve your healthy glow!


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