Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Getting Fit with Kayla Itsines BBG!

                                                          Hi guys and happy 2016!

I wouldn't say this is a New Years resolution of mine as I have always tried to keep pretty fit. I just need a little help, to stick to a routine and keep going. This is why I have decided to do BBG (Bikini Body Guide) from Kayla Itsines. What perfect time to start the guides than in the new year!

I chose Kayla over all the over guides out there because the results are amazing and speak for themselves.  I also liked that I didn't have to join a gym and that I could do these workouts at home with a bit of equipment.  


Now I am not quite ready to post my first photo yet (it has been taken) but at 4 weeks I will take my second one and hopefully will be able to show you some change. So far I have done 4 days worth of resistance workouts and a walk on LISS day. I have actually really been enjoying working out and eating healthy. My skin is looking really good right  now!

Is anyone else getting fit for 2016?




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