Tuesday 1 March 2016

*Common Bra-blems and how to fix them!

Hands up if you have ever had issues with your bras, *raises hands in the air* I know I have.

I recently discovered a company called ThirdLove who specializes in amazing fitting bras. In this graphic from ThirdLove, they highlight some common Bra- blems that we ladies can face from quad boob - definitely not a good look! To straps digging in and solutions to fixing them!  

I know one problem that I have been finding recently is that I buy a bra in the size that I normally am and finding that they are actually too small (Iv'e done this on several occasions now), which shows I probably should be measured again.

Wearing the right fitted bra is important, wearing a bad fitted one can lead to problems such as neck pain,breast pain and bad support etc. If you're unsure on your size then visit ThirdLove where you can find your perfect fit with just a few questions, 

I hope this helps you all and check out the ThirdLove website, they have some pretty fab bras on there and also I have a 15% code off for  you, just enter PERSONALITY at the checkout!


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