Monday 22 September 2014

Find Similar

Don’t you just hate it when you find an outfit you really like but can’t find where it is from?

Technology has a big impact now days and it’s having a big impact in the fashion world!  I was recently told about a company called Cortexica who have created a software called *FindSimilar. The software FindSimilar is an image recognition software this software  is sold to retailers and app builders.  So what does this mean to us? Well…

The FindSimilar software has recently launched with US app Style Thief (the software will be shortly coming to the UK!) and here is the exciting stuff, say you find an outfit you like from a magazine or see someone’s outfit you like in the street if you take a photo and upload it on the app it will  show these items or similar items to you and where you can buy them from!

 It gives a range of similar items based on things such as colour and shape (which no other image recognition software companies have been able to add the shape algorithm) and broadens the choices for you and gives you high street alternatives too. You’re then able to purchase straight away in a few clicks!

The Style Thief app is free and can be downloaded here. I gave this app a try (even though it’s US) and thanks to this it will save so much time searching! I prefer online shopping  and so this app was right up my street, anything made quick and simple I am there! By not having to search by word it helps get more accurate result.  Plus I love that I can find similar products and they don’t have the hefty price tag.   

Here is my search on Jourdan Dunn dressed in a green Ermanno  Scervino.

I can't wait until this is launched in the UK! All those Instagram photos of outfits I like will be used on this!


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