Tuesday 30 June 2015

Bondi Sands - The Australian Tan - Self Tanning Foam

I'm always on the lookout to try new self tanners. I recently came across Bondi Sands on instagram and loved the look of the results people were getting from using it. Before buying I did my research and decided to try the dark self tanning foam. 

At first I was debating about getting the lighter one instead of the dark because I am so pale and I just thought this will come out orange on me but I read a few reviews and thought I'll live on the edge and risk it and not because of the fact that if it went terribly wrong I have two weeks off ;) .

I bought this in Superdrug for £14.99 but at the moment it is on offer for £9.95! Funnily enough when I was looking at this on the shelf there was a couple of woman by me buying this for her daughter and I overheard her saying this is the only one she likes and will use.

This tan has a great coconut smell which I love because that's one of my favourite scents! But if you don't like coconuts then you definitely will not like the smell. When I first used this I actually didn't like it but I think this was because I left it on for 6 hours and it went orange on me eeeek but I gave it another go and now I actually do like it, ALOT.

It's easy to apply and you can see where to apply, it glides on nicely and is quick to soak in. I leave it on for an hour and then I wash it off, which leaves me with just a nice bit of colour where I look normal instead of pale and ill. Though if I want to look a bit darker I just leave it on a little bit longer but not 6 HOURS. I learned my lesson there lol. This states it will last up to 7 days which is true and it doesn't streak either.

So now I use He Shi and Bondi Sands combined :)


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