Thursday, 23 July 2015

Max Factor Colour Xpert Liquid Eyeliner

I can't even remember why I bought this eyeliner instead of my usual Soap and Glory one?? Whatever the reason was I am glad I did.

The Max Factor Colour Xpert Liner is £6.99 from Boots and comes in 3 shades,  Black, Anthracite and Lilac and online the Lilac looks blue? 

I have this in black and the greatest thing about this product is the lasting power! Oh my goodness it's so good and I struggle to get this bad boy off! It is a waterproof liner and I do not know a better eyeliner at staying on so well! I actually do remember trying this on the back of my hand and trying to get it off and it just wouldn't budge and I was just very amazed!

I am used to more of the pen types of eye liners but this is very thin and easy to use, the colour stays and doesn't fade or smudge and this is great for the summer.

What is your favourite eyeliner?

I also thought I had done a post on my Soap and Glory one but doesn't look like I have, so I'll get that up soon!


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