Tuesday, 1 April 2014


From Boots for £10.00 I bought this because I had never used a pen tip tint before.

This is double ended and at one end is the pen tip and the other is the pencil. It comes in two shades Love is Blonde and Brownie Points.  I have Brownie Points and the pen part looks ok but the pencil is not the right shade for me as I have dark brows.

Directions for use: Starting with the pen end, brush on the tint to fill and shade, then follow with the crayon to shape your browns and give them a fuller look. 

I love that the pen makes your eyebrows look natural but it takes forever to fill in! I have to admit I prefer to use powder because its a lot quicker for me and I dont have enough patience to sit there for ages unfortunately! It lasts long and gives a great look. I also love the name and the brush to the pen is nice and soft.

The pencil part  I am not that big of a fan as it feels hard and I had to really press hard to get it to come out. The pencil part you can also notice is not the right colour for me!

I think this is a great product for people that have light to medium shade brows and need them looking fuller as its great for making brows look natural. 

I am really impressed with Soap and Glory products though! 



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