Wednesday 9 April 2014

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo

I have so much love for this product! I actually doubted that the Effaclar Duo was going to work for me but it does and now everytime I look at it I have little hearts in my eyes lol!

At £15.99 from Boots it is a bit pricey but worth it!

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo is an anti blemish gel like cream. It helps 'correct the appearance of imperfections, even skin texture and unclog pores and now it contains procerad which is an anti marks ingredient.' You apply it morning and/or evening on the whole face. I just tend to put it where I am prone to redness and blemishes. 

After 24 hours of using this your imperfections are  meant to look visibility less red and after 8 days localised imperfections appear significantly reduced and after 4 weeks pores look unclogged, skin texture more refined and controls the appearance of shine.

This all sounds absolutely amazing and it also has a 'clearer skin or your money back' offer at the moment. This has to mean that La Roche Posay are pretty confident this works!
La Roche Posay were right to be confident with this because I LOVE IT! I haven't enjoyed a product so much in a while! I have been using this for at least a month now and my skin has never looked better, it has reduced my redness and I havent even broke out in any spots!! Very rare for me! This can also be used as a make up base.

This doesnt look oily when applied to the skin and it absorbs well and is great for sensitive and acne prone skin.

If I had to rate this out of 10 it would be 10/10 because I cant find a fault. I cant emphasise enough how much I love it lol <3


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