Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Whats In My Bag

Hi guys! So I thought I would share with you whats in my bag. This is probably the least interesting post I have done but if your like me I like to be nosy and see whats in peoples bags lol :) I have also come to realise I dont actually carry that much!

Starting from left to right.

1. My purse one of the most important things in my bag because I wouldnt be able to buy the things I dont need without it ;)

2. Compact Tangle Teezer - I just need to point out that I dont think this is that compact lol, its just a tiny bit smaller but it does have a cover which is good.

3. Rehydrating Eyedrops- Im a contact lense wearer and my eyes dry out ALOT so carrying these with me is essential.  They make my eyes feel amazing!

4. Phone - Can not leave the house without this! I feel lost if I do...

5. Glasses case - I have to carry my glasses and contact lense pot around with me incase I need to change them for some reason.

6. Paracetamol and Ibuprofen - I always have these never know when a headache might appear etc.

7. Soap and Glory Body Spritz- I like to have a perfume or spray with me,  cant be smelling bad lol

8. Extra White gum- I always have to have gum before I leave anywhere and I always like to carry it with me to keep nice minty fresh breath lol!

9. Finally my house keys because otherwise I would be stuck outside my house!

So I hope you enjoyed reading whats in my bag, I am sorry its not more interesting!

Can you see my Ian Somerhalder autograph lurking in the backgroud ;) 


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