Friday 29 November 2013

Matrix and Colour Restore Hair Toner for Blonde hair

A couple of months ago I had my hair dip dyed/ombred whatever you like to call it, blonde. The problem with going blonde is that it can give you orangey/brassy tones and so a blue/silver toner is needed (the blue/silver toner is for blonde hair, not other coloured hair) to cancel these out and also keep the blonde bright.

Colour Wheel - Shows what colours correct each other

I bought a toner from my hairdressers which is the Matrix total results shampoo in Silver and I also previously bought the Colour Restore in Iced Platnium conditioner.

You dont need to use the toners every time you wash your hair just once or twice a week will do. I dont use both at the same time either, though you can but I will just use one or the other.

They both are a Blue colour and you just apply like normal and wait for 3 minutes or so,or you can leave it up to 20 minutes for better results and then rinse out. It does advise to do an allergy test before using these 48 hours before and to wear gloves (though I dont because I am a rebel ;) lol ).

I really love the Matrix total results shampoo and this is the one I prefer out of the two. There isnt anything wrong with the Colour Restore but I prefer to use a conditioning treatment on my hair that repairs it so it goes nice and soft!

I find the Matrix shampoo smells like pumpkin, a pumpkin which has been carved! Though it could just be me and thats not the smell it leaves on your hair! lol. The Colour Restore just smells kind of like Garnier hair dye with the no amonia lol which is fruity.

I have seen results by using the shampoo and conditioner and my hair doesnt really have much brassiness to it now and the blonde is keeping really well! I paid £11.00 for the Matrix (you can also buy this online) and thats for a 300ml bottle which for a toner is pretty good. I paid £10.00 for the conditioner which isnt too bad either and this can be found at Boots.


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