Wednesday 6 November 2013

Lush Wish List

I have this really big unhealthy obsession with Lush recently. There is just so much stuff I would love to get and here are just 6 of them! Which was hard to choose so I just mainly stuck with their Christmas items!

1.  Fairy Tale  I just think these look so pretty! It was inspired by the sugar mice you used to get in sweet shops. It is strawberry and coconut milk with white chocolate ears!

2.  Magic Wand  I can be a fairy with this lol! This is reusable and gives mounds of sweet smelling foam. This is a solid version of Lush's snow fairy shower gel.

3.   Luxury Lush Pud What an amazing looking bath bomb! Lavender fragrance and this is meant to be perfect for relaxing!

4. Melting Snowman  This is a bath melt and it just looks too good! His legacy is 'to give you great skin' lol!

5.  Grease Lightening  This is a product Lush do all the time but I really want to try it. It has all natural ingredients which attack the spot and not the rest of your skin! 'Strikes the spot with lightening precision'!

6. Pumkin  Ok so this is actually part of their Halloween products but its so cute! It leaves you feeling uplifted and refreshed and the bath water will turn an orange colour!

I got really excited making this lol! I also just like to say how good do Lush products look to eat, not that I would advise it lol.


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