Wednesday 30 October 2013

Barry M Matte Nail Polish

Barry M is known for their colourful cosmetics. I love the range of colours they have in their nail varnishes and I have quite a few of them!

I was shopping the other day and I wanted to buy some more Autumnal make up and when I go shopping I always have to take a look at the Barry M section and see what nail polish they have and if there are new ones out.

I noticed they had some matte nail polish and from photos I have seen on matte polish I like the look so had to try some.  I bought crush which is the one on the left the berry kind of colour and Espresso on the right the black colour. I had to buy the black as I think the look black matte polish has is fab!

One thing I absolutely love about this polish is that it dries really quickly! I hate waiting for nails to dry and find I am an expert at smudging them!

I love how the black looks once applied but the crush one I cant say I like it matte, I think I would prefer it with shine lol.

So far I haven't chipped it as I think Barry M do chip fairly quick for me. Will I buy any more matte colours? Probably not, I don't think I can get away with matte nails lol, so I will stick to the shiny colours!


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