Wednesday, 21 August 2013

I Love Vintage Make Up - Yardley Bee Makeup Base

Above are the vintage makeup items I own, it will grow!
From left to right is Bourjois Evening in Paris - Mary Quant Crayons - Yardley Bee Makeup Base.

Now I thought each item deserved its very own blog post so first of I am starting with the Yardley Bee!

Now I don't know much on Yardley so I did do some research.

I love the packaging of this even thought the lid is plastic, the bee is so cute! I tried to find when this was made, which was a really hard task and I still am not sure but I think its from the 1960's. If you know please tell me :)

On the bottom it tells you where to apply it and the finish it gives. This is in shade medium.

Time for the history part now!
Yardley Bee or Yardley London was established in 1770! That makes me feel young ;) lol! It is a major producer of soap and perfumes and hold two Royal Warrants. British model Twiggy also became a face for Yardely in the 1960's and Yardely became a symbol of the 'Swinging London'

1940s poster

So that is item 1 of my collection, here is a link if you would like to read more about Yardley Bee with some amazing posters!


I would like to thank wikipedia for educating me more on Yardely.

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