Sunday 4 August 2013

My Favourite Perfumes

TR-Gucci Rush-Centre Justin Bieber-TL Beyonce-BR Robert Cavalli-BL Chancel Chance

I thought I would do a blog post on perfumes because I looooove perfumes, unhealthy addiction, maybe i should open my own perfume shop that would be amazing :) 

The picture above shows some of my current favorites and all-time favorite is Chanel Chance and in close Robert Cavalli. The Chanel one in the picture is 50ml which is around £52 but I managed to get it a bit less from Debenhams as it was on offer, wahoo you go Debenhams have a round of applause on me!

Now I try to use my Chanel one for mainly special occassions, omg. I just had one of them little flys on me D: (not that you needed to know, but I'm a sharer).

Anyhoo, so far everyday I will use my Gucci Rush or Beyonce, Katy Perry (seems I like the celeb ones!) though I do find Beyonce one's smell doesn't last long. I like a perfume that last for ages and kills the person next to me :). I also like Justin Bieber's Someday - don't hate ;) I think it's definitely a better smell than his first one but I would prefer if he came out with a more less fruity smell and more Chanel smell (high hopes)...

So I hope you liked my post, I would love if you can recommend some good perfumes for me to try!

EmmaLou x

PS: The other day I stepped on the lid of my Beyonce's perfume - OWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWWO

The Devil in disguise as a perfume lid

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