Monday 26 August 2013

Rimmel pop your pink

I am always wearing nail varnish and I am a big fan of Barry M nail varnish for their range of colours. But I thought I would venture out a bit and try another brand for a change. So I decided to pick Rimmel! I have tried one of their nail varnishes before, their 60 second drying one and was quite impressed!

I have been searching for a fluorescent pink for ages! My friend at work has an amazing shade from avon but I still cant find it so when I found pop your pink I had to get it.

I love this shade, its a nice bright pink and the brighter the nail varnish the more I love it! I have to say my picture doesn't really do it justice. This RRP at £2.99 which is a great price and this dries really quick which is AMAZING as I hate waiting for nail polish to dry and then when I think its dry it really isn't and I smudge it! Then my world ends after that lol.

 The only downfall I have so far is that when it dries it doesn't really have shine but a clear top coat would sort that out.

Overall I am impressed with Rimmel nail varnish and their shades they really do have some amazing colours in their lasting finish and great names for them!


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