Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Lierac Paris Huile Sensoirielle Aux 3 Fleurs Blanches

Lierac Paris Huile Sensoirielle Aux 3 Fleurs Blanches is a sensory oil for the face, body and hair. It nourishes and regenerates the skin for 24hours and when added to bath water diffuses a scent of relaxation.

I received this in my box of goodies from Farmaline :) I have tried this in my bath, on my hair and face and body.

The Lierac Huile Sensoirielle contains Jasmine,Gardenia and Camellia which provide relaxation  anti oxidant and restructure  It also contains Hazelnut Oil,  Almond Oil, Grape seed Oil, Argan Oil to help moisturise. There is also scents of  osmanthus, amber fresh vanilla, precious woods and vetive. 

I think the scent to this is a nice sweet smell but its not as nice as the Galenic Creme  lol but still good! The smell to the Galenic just made a big impression on me!

Hair:  I used this on the mid to end lengths of my hair as where I ombre'd it this was where my hair was really dry. As suggested I places some Sensory Oil in the palm of my hand and then scrunched into my hair. I cant really say it soften my hair that much but it did leave a nice perfume scent and made it a bit more shiny.

Face and Body:  Again I applied an amount into my palm and applied to my face and body, this is meant to absorb quickly and not feel greasy which once absorbed it doesn't feel greasy.  It made my skin feel nice and soft and has helped towards banishing my dry patches!

Bath:   I added this to my bath and this is meant to help relax and become a softening and protective bath milk water.  For me it didn't really relax me any more then a bath normally would lol.

This is around £21 on Farmaline, would I buy it myself? Probably not but thats not because I dont like the product as I think for dry skin on the face and body its perfect but I would rather go for a cheaper alternative and use something like Johnsons Baby Oil as that works just as well for me.


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