Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Soap and Glory Mist You Madly Body Spray

Soap and Glory Mist you Madly Body Spray is a 'flirty, floral fragrant body spray'. Soap and Glory products have always smelt amazing and this is no disappointment!  Soap and Glory is available at Boots.

The first time I tried this was when I received a Soap and Glory gift set at Christmas and it contained a big bottle of this. I absolutely loved it and the scent is amazing!!

As mentioned you can get a bigger version of this 250ml and this is for £6.50 which is more value for money but I got the smaller 100ml version for my bag and that is £3.50. Look at me doing my maths working out value ;)

This is a good size for carrying around in your handbag and is great for as it is put on the website 'flash of fabulous'. 

It has bergamot, 
blackcurrent, magnolia, freesia, vanilla and musk. I think I can smell the vanilla and musk the most :)

I find the scent lasts a long time and I have had a few comments on how nice it smells. Depending on how much you spritz at a time will depend on how long it lasts but I wouldn't say you need too much of this at one time.  A spritz here and there perhaps!

I want to try and save my perfumes for more special occasions instead of everyday, which is really hard as I have to put perfume on lol. So this works as a great replacement.


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