Wednesday 4 September 2013

A Sad Day

Today was my last day at my current employment :( I was really sad to be going and will miss the people the most but time for a change!

I got some nice gifts which are in the photo above, face mask, nail varnish and Thorntons chocolate bubbly plus flowers!

My work always do a little presentation if its your birthday or if someone is leaving where everyone will gather round and they will give you your presents and a speech. I thought I got out of having my leavers presentation but I was wrong (I dont like attention lol). Instead they done in it the afternoon and then asked me to say a little something and I didnt know what to say, I was too embarrassed lol!

I had a nice last lunch with my friends and hope to keep in touch wither everyone!

 I also managed to leave my mark by spilling a big glass of water everywhere on my desk that I had stuck my flowers in. Whooopsie.

All in all I had a fab last day!


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