Tuesday, 3 September 2013


Last year my skin went really dry, especially on my face, it became really leathery :(. I don't know why it got so bad but it did and it really frustrated me.
I tried lots of products like vaseline, e45 etc to try and moisturise but nothing worked. Then I got Johnson's Soothing Naturals Intensive Moisture cream and some Johnsons Baby Oil and hallelujah something finally worked! Happy Emma :D

It claims to relieve dry skin from the first use and it combines Johnsons mildness with a unique blend of Olive leaf extract, pure Vitamin E and skin essential minerals, proven to be more effective than each ingredient alone. It has been tested by dermatologists and clinically proven mild and developed with pediatricians!

To me last year this stuff was my holy grail . It smells really good (I sometimes sit there and smell it for a good 10 minutes lol), a great price at £1.60 and I do find it does work from the first use. My skin has actually just started to play up again and whilst I have been using hydraluron which is also amazing! My skin is still being stubborn so I have whipped out the Johnsons Soothing Naturals Intensive Moisture cream and its proving to make a difference yet again!

This will definitely be out for Autumn/Winter.


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