Monday 23 September 2013

Blanx White Shock Intensive Whitening Treatment

I bought this because I saw a few reviews saying how good it was. I always want my teeth to look whiter not that they are badly yellow but I still think they can be improved. I have previously used Crest 3D whitening strips which although they can cause tooth sensitivity they are the best home whitening treatment I have used. Plus I already have sensitive teeth anyway so the sensitivity part doesn't bother me!

This claims to have teeth up to 4 shades whiter in just 2 weeks and it does not contain peroxide which means no tooth sensitivity! You have to use this 2-3 times daily with the toothpaste provided and then use the Blanx LED light for a minute after brushing. They also recommend to use the bite for 10 minutes once a week for a more 'shocking' whiteness. It comes with a shade chart to measure before and after results.

I found the toothpaste was a bit tough to pump out but maybe I am really weak! The toothpaste doesn't taste horrible, its a mild mint. Once you have brushed your teeth and once you have finished with the LED light, when you switch the light off it makes a beep noise, I don't really find this necessary as you know its off as the light isn't on.

Now the 2 weeks have passed and I haven't really noticed any results maybe just a really minimal and I mean minimal change that no one would notice other then me (hence no pictures of before and after). As this was £15.99 I think it was pretty expensive for what it is and I think I will stick to Crest and their peroxide or get my teeth done professionally!

Have you guys tried any whitening treatments?


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