Monday, 9 September 2013

MUA Fur Effects and MUA Nail Constellation

I was looking at the MUA products in Superdrug when my sister showed me this. I thought it was a really different type of nail product which is why I bought it. You can get this in different colours such as pink and the price is only £3.00.

To apply this you apply a clear base coat to your nails and then you can press the nail whilst its still wet in the pot or pour it over the nail. Then remove any excess and pat dry.

I wouldn't say I was impressed by this but then I didn't really have high hopes in the first place. I don't think you could wear this for everyday wear and it looks quite cheap. It also comes off really easily and this can also get messy when applying.  The fur itself though feels really soft and it reminds me of candy floss.

I would say the fur effects is like when you get cotton wool stuck to wet nail varnish.

I also bought MUA Nail Constellation.

I love the colour of these beads and like the fur effects you have to use a clear base coat and then pour them on the nail before it dries. This is also £3.00 in Superdrug.

This again can get quite messy, I got beads everywhere! However I did quite like the finish look and I think it would look nice on maybe just one nail instead of all of them. I also put a clear coat on top to see if that would help make the beads stay but it just ruined the colours of the beads, so I advise not to do that!

Overall I wont be buying the fur effects again but I do like the constellation beads :)


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