Monday, 16 September 2013

Garnier Body Repair - Extra Dry Skin

As it's now approaching the colder months I thought I would do a post on my favourite body moisturiser at the moment. As my skin gets very dry especially in the winter!

Garnier Body Repair for extra dry skin is an anti dryness restoring moisturiser. This one contains maple sap which is known for 'its soothing properties'. It also is meant to make your skin feel more comfortable and relieve the tightness and roughness and leave skin moisturised for 24 hours.

On the Garnier website it states 97% agreed skin feels more comfortable after first use.

Now I found, that this extra dry skin one was hard to come across, wherever I looked it was out of stock and it felt like I was searching for the Holy Grail!

I finally found this in Superdrug, yay praise to you Superdrug! Its around £6.15 which isn't too bad of a price and I absolutely love this at the moment and it was a good investment! I tend to get these little dry patches on my arms and have found that no matter what moisturiser I tried for example Vaseline, Soap and Glory nothing would improve it. So when I tried this I thought the same thing would happen and I was going to have to live forever with these horrible patches.

Garnier has proved me wrong! I haven't used many Garnier products, other than their hair dye which I like.  I can say from the first use it has made my arms a lot softer and the roughness is actually starting to fade. Hallelujah!!!

It doesn't have a strong smell which I like as its not over powering and it doesn't feel greasy and also absorbs quickly (which is a good point in my book because I hate the feeling of when your clothes sticks to moisturises, body butter).  Ick!

I was using this on face but have recently read the back of the bottle which states it should not be used on the face and now i'm scared incase it creates wrinkles on the face or something! D: 

You can get similar products from Garnier with different results such as the Hydralock Moisturising  Milk which maintains a non stop hydration for smooth feeling skin, Summer body moisturiser which gradully builds up a tan and Garnier Body tonic with seaweed extract which leaves skin feeling moisturised and firmer. 

This is such a good product and this will be what I will be using a lot in the winter to keep my skin feeling soft! I know Caroline Hirons is a fan too :)


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